Selling The Botanica Aparment – Pho Quang Street, Tân Bình District price from 1.7b/apartment

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Spreading more than 113m at 104 Phổ Quang Street, Tân Bình District, The Botanica Project base in a very prime location that any project wishes to be:

The Botanica - Ban do
The Botanica – Maps
  • Located in the central region with land for housing projects are very little, settling demand is rising up, real estate value-added each day
The Botanica - Vi Tri
The Botanica – Location
The Botanica - Tong Quan
The Botanica – OverView
  • Only 5 minutes moving to Tan Son Nhat airport, adjacent The Airport villa.
  • Located in the central core of 03 major parks, Gia Dinh Park, Quan Khu 7 park and Hoang Van Thu Park, is considered the green lung of the city, bringing the fresh air and scenery green.
  • Fully converged all facilities around such as: the sports area, health care, cultural, educational, commercial, shopping and entertainment … as Phu Nhuan sports center, 175 Hospital, Tan Son Nhat General Hospital, Ho Van Hue elementary schools, Phu Nhuan high schools, Parson CT Plaza, Superbowl, Big C Hoang Van Thu, Coopmart Nguyen Kiem, …
The Botanica - Tien ich ngoai khu
The Botanica – Surrounding Facilities
  • As the center to move to the other areas of the city, located adjacent to  Phu Nhuan district, Go Vap district and Binh Thanh district. From this project, it is easily to go to the city center through transport routes Nguyen Van Troi and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, go East through Pham Van Dong Avenue, go to District 11, District 5, District 10 through intersections Hoang Van Thu and Ly Thuong Kiet, go to Northwest through Cong Hoa road intersections and Truong Chinh Street.
The Botanica - Ngoai Khu
The Botanica – Giao thông
  1. View and Sight

– To the north, the main direction of the project, View to Gia Dinh Park & Tan Son Nhat airport.
– To the South: view to Zone 7 Military Park.
– East: View to Gia Dinh Park & Pham Van Dong Boulevard.
– To the west: View at Tan Son Nhat airport.

The Botanica - Sight Views
The Botanica – Sight Views
  1. Internal Facilities:
    The Botanica is a modern complex and superlative scale of Tan Binh District, beside the better position this project also has a thorough investment in quality senior utility services inside the apartment. In future, the completion of the apartments will be a highlight for the  luxury apartment in Tan Binh District.
The Botanica - Inside Park
The Botanica – Inside Park

Planning for local area with 2 parks over 1.300m2 area residents can help relax inside the project site.

The Botanica - Inside Park1
The Botanica – Inside Park

Retail center of The Botanica Apartment Project are 35 shop-houses with various types of business such as restaurants, supermarkets, fashion, shopping, … a place to serve the needs of residents living in apartments.

Infinitive swimming pool in The Botanica apartment project has modern design, luxury and large scale and open spaces will be a highlight for the project. Residents will drop into the cool blue water after each day’s work fatigue.

The Botanica - Swiming Pool
The Botanica – Swiming Pool
The Botanica - Pool
The Botanica – Infinitive Swiming Pool

Gym at The Botanica is modern designed according to international standards for the training and equipments are imported from abroad, enabling residents in apartment adapt fitness training and exercise every day.

The Botanica - Gym
The Botanica – Gym

There are 2 basements with ventilation systems for residents parking and visitors in vehicle protection conditions.

The Botanica - Parking Area
The Botanica – Parking Area

Fire protection system: automatic fire alarm system, automatic fire extinguishing (alarms, emergency buttons, smoke detectors, water sprinklers, .. according to current standards) fitted inside the apartment and lobby lobby floors.
Security System: Protecting 24/24, Lobby Camera installed on the ground, basement, lift, use of smart cards to floor apartments, floor service, Audio Phone System integrated in an apartment.
Sanitation: Garbage collection under each floor.

  1. Surface design and apartment layout
The Botanica - overview
The Botanica – overview
The Botanica - Tang 1
The Botanica – Ground Floor – Shop House
The Botanica - Tang 2
The Botanica – 2nd Floor – Pool, Gym, Community hall, few Apartments.
The Botanica - Tang 3
The Botanica – 3rd Floor – standard apartment
The Botanica - tang 4-19
The Botanica – Floor 4-19
The Botanica - 53m2 Apartment
The Botanica – 53m2 Apartment 1BR
The Botanica - 56.4m2 Apartment
The Botanica – 56.4m2 Apartment 1  BR
The Botanica - 57m2 Apartment
The Botanica – 57m2 Apartment 1BR
The Botanica - 68.8m2 Apartment
The Botanica – 68.8m2 Apartment 2BR
The Botanica - 94.9m2 Apartment
The Botanica – 94.9m2 Apartment 3BR
The Botanica - 96.9m2 Apartment
The Botanica – 96.9m2 Apartment 3BR
The Botanica - 98.4m2 Apartment
The Botanica – 98.4m2 Apartment 3 BR
  1. Sales programme – price (please contact us for more details)
  2. Construction progress: On completion of the foundation piles and diaphragm wall
  3. The Completion and transformation: 2/2017

Please feel free to contact hotline: +84 913333190

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